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Celebration of Pride month with MASALA brunch


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MASALA steering committee meeting


Agenda Items

1) 2012-2013 Calendar of Events
What would you want to see MASALA do in the upcoming year? Another MASALA Mela? Some events at International Pride in October 2012?
Bring your thoughts, interests, hopes…and calendars! Let’s plan a series of social events to help us stay connected.

2) NQAPIA Conference
Have you heard of the NQAPIA conference? It’s happening in DC from July 19-22nd. It’s an incredible gathering of hundreds of
API/South Asian LGBTQ folks from around the country coming together to build community and collective strength. Let’s go together!

3) New member outreach
We know there are hundreds of us out in our communities. How do we re-energize MASALA with new members? Where do we do outreach?

4) Any other agenda items?

Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you on the 20th!

MASALA Steering Committee

MASALA Movie Night


MASALA EVENT: Join fellow MASALAN’S for a movie night at LGBT Film Festival at Brattle theatre.

Let’s meet at 5:45 at the theatre to support ‘365 Without 377‘ a film that traces Beena, Pallav and Abheena’s travel through the city of Bombay heading to the celebrations for the first anniversary of the historic verdict.

Date: May 8, Tuesday, 6:00 p.m.

Join us for drinks/dinner after the movie.